In the plane   2013/7月/10 [水] 10:27

Smiling (#^.^#)

Bodygard   2013/7月/10 [水] 10:28


Pastor Timothy is our bodyguard in the team.

Weather forecast in Turkey   2013/7月/10 [水] 10:29


Today is fine. The temperature is 31 degrees.

Aisle seats   2013/7月/10 [水] 10:30

All of our seats are aisle seats.

Time of prayer   2013/7月/10 [水] 10:31


In Japan, our television program called “Time of prayer” has began in this time.

Taking off soon   2013/7月/10 [水] 10:32



Fly to Athena!

From Turkey to Athena   2013/7月/10 [水] 10:32

Arrival at Athena!

God answers his prayer   2013/7月/10 [水] 10:35


Pastor Paul’s two seats to the right and left are empty. He said that God answered his prayer.

3G   2013/7月/10 [水] 10:36

A child sees him ,,,

As a blogger   2013/7月/10 [水] 10:53


I do my best as one of our bloggers p(^_^)q