Leave!   2013/July/09 [Tue] 09:54

Our mission team was sent to Patmos, Thessaloniki and Philippi today! Now I’m going to Pastor Paul’s home.




I can see Tokyo Tower   2013/July/09 [Tue] 09:55

Tokyo Tower

Next   2013/July/09 [Tue] 09:56

Rainbow Bridge

Pastor Akimoto!   2013/July/09 [Tue] 09:57

We will pick him up at the airport!

Scripture   2013/July/09 [Tue] 10:00


We have a daily devotional time.

Terminal two, Narita airport   2013/July/09 [Tue] 10:04

He’s checking our passports.

Arrival at Narita Airport   2013/July/09 [Tue] 10:05

We entered terminal one.

From Keisei Ueno   2013/July/09 [Tue] 10:07


Three members start at Keisei Ueno Station.

Gathering place   2013/July/09 [Tue] 10:09


I found out where we should meet. We’ll gather at 8:55 a.m.

Three members   2013/July/09 [Tue] 10:10


Three members from Keisei Ueno will be riding the Skyliner No 11.