Television   2013/2月/16 [土] 17:36

Helen Hunt, Academy Award Actress, appears on television. She took a roll of Ms. Besanny’s mather on “Soul Surfer”

Feb. 24   2013/2月/16 [土] 17:37



Academy Award will be held on Feb. 24th!

Oscars 2013   2013/2月/16 [土] 17:39



The 85th Academy Award.

It will start from 4:00 a.m. on 24th.

Helpers?   2013/2月/16 [土] 17:41


Tomorrow, we will dress in a tuxedo!

Clothes make the man?


Universal Studium   2013/2月/16 [土] 17:43


On 15th, in the morning, we plan to go to Universal Stadium. We look forward to visiting there. Videographers, keep up the good work!

Who is she?   2013/2月/16 [土] 17:44


Elizabeth Taylor
She was an imposing activeness.

Camera is OK?   2013/2月/16 [土] 17:46


Whenever I arrived at the hotel, Mr. Inaba visited me. I’m relieved that I could pass the camera to him safely.

“Planet of the Apes”costume   2013/2月/16 [土] 17:56

Ben Affleck’s “Argo” took a hit from “Planet of the Apes”.

He’s found his rhythm   2013/2月/16 [土] 17:59

Mr. Inaga invited dinner. I really wanted to have dinner with him. But I have to have a meeting and so on before the film festival. He was the NHK director. Now he lives in LA. He’s found his rhythm.

Who is he?   2013/2月/16 [土] 18:00


This is Jackie Chan’s! I love him!