Finally I submitted my homework   2013/2月/13 [水] 18:34


I emailed my testimony’s sound format from the chair that was drenched with sunlight. I recorded my testimony about my failure. Guess what I shared? You’ll be able to know the site of “Christian’s dropping in on the way” on Feb. 14 in Tokyo Antioch Church’s web sites. Will you be correct?

It’ll be held again?   2013/2月/13 [水] 18:48


Is this the beautiful wreath?

It seems the logo for Tokyo Olympic as a candidate city.

Ken-san   2013/2月/13 [水] 18:50


This is Mr. Ken Watanabe, not Ken Takakura.

He steps up his presence in the Hollywood movie.

Is this my plane ?   2013/2月/13 [水] 19:22


Flight to Los Angeles

Fail to bring at the security check   2013/2月/13 [水] 19:28


Someone fails to bring a belt that the official asks around.

Our coats are subjected to security checks now.

Check!   2013/2月/13 [水] 20:29


Now I’m checking my flight.

The flight time often change.

Arrived at gate   2013/2月/13 [水] 20:32


My flight is boarding on time.

My plane   2013/2月/13 [水] 20:35


I’m ready to board!

My seat   2013/2月/13 [水] 20:40


My seat is an aisle seat. it’s the last row.

It’s convenient near a restroom.

映画ミッションホームページ !   2013/2月/13 [水] 20:48

どうぞご覧になって下さい(^O^☆♪ n.a