Anti-germs   2013/2月/14 [木] 20:17

According Ms. Faith, you can kill 99 % of germs with this lequid if you put this before the meals.

It costs around $1.



Where is fog lamp?   2013/2月/14 [木] 20:21

When I rent a car at Dollar, I asked them how to use fog lamp, their answer was no fog.

Challenge one after another!   2013/2月/14 [木] 20:25

Mr. Fuchino purchased iPhone just before he come to US, it made his co-workers surprised.

Now they are trying to set up new LINE.

これは便利!   2013/2月/14 [木] 20:27


Rich America is still here!   2013/2月/14 [木] 20:30

When I came to America, I was shocked by plentiful Salada bar.

This time, too, I enjoyed lots of  vegetables thinking it must be expensive in Japan.

Something different iPhone!   2013/2月/14 [木] 20:33

This iPhone is disposable. But you can use this only here, in US.

Huge candy!?   2013/2月/14 [木] 20:38

Actually, this is normal size, I took a picture bringing close to this candy.

Are you tricked ?

Who is a elder sister?   2013/2月/14 [木] 20:42

Left is Ms. Sasaki, and right, Ms. Fuchino.

A elder sister is Ms. Fuchino, but people often misunderstand, said Ms. Faith.

What Ms. Faith Sasaki does not?   2013/2月/14 [木] 20:49


Ms. Faith Sasaki, right side, said that she does not open Facebook. I pointed out her name is also Faith, so why she does not Facebook, she answered but I forgot what she said.

Anyway, spelling of Ms. Faith Sasaki is different from Facebook.

Attractive thing!   2013/2月/14 [木] 21:05

Usualy, this suit costs $325 to $400, but they sells it only $99.99.  If $1 is 95 yen, $100 is 9,500yen.

It attractive. I could say that I made a suit at Hollywood.