Thank you so much   2013/11月/30 [土] 14:25


Thank you so much for your visiting our blog. Our Thanksgiving Celebration was a real blessing. We have much expectations in this year, too!

ありがとうございました。   2013/11月/30 [土] 14:04


Released   2013/11月/30 [土] 14:03


After our thanksgiving celebration, Masae-san rejoiced to get a new CD, “Sound of Wind” No. 1.

Finished   2013/11月/30 [土] 14:01


They’re relaxing.

Thanksgiving prayer   2013/11月/30 [土] 14:00


We’ve finished to report our activities, so we gave thanks to the Lord.

The Lord’s Cross Christian Center’s budget   2013/11月/30 [土] 13:59


The Lord’s Cross Christian Center’s budget was approved after each department reported

Thanksgiving materials   2013/11月/30 [土] 13:57


Thanksgiving materials are available for online members.

Budget of Seminary School   2013/11月/30 [土] 13:56


The Seminary School spoke to us about their draft.

Budget   2013/11月/30 [土] 13:55


The Prayer Mission told us about their budget.

Financial Report of our church   2013/11月/30 [土] 13:54


We’ve never lack anything in the Lord.

Pastor Amagai made our church’s financial report.