Departure   2014/July/11 [Fri] 08:42


I have left.
It’s fine!


Already……   2014/July/11 [Fri] 08:48

While speaking to, no answer …ZZz…amagai

Have Passed “Kikuna Station”!   2014/July/11 [Fri] 09:10

Opening eyes quickly, is he confirming? “Kikuna” next “Okuchi”
Does it mean, “Don’t ask in bulk〜?”  amagai

It’s International Even in the Morning   2014/July/11 [Fri] 09:14

Even in the morning in the bus, I talked with Chinese.  Telling,”Japanese!,”  the bus I boarded was the tour one for Chinese!  I was also surprised!  Chinese people also were frightened!

柏 H

Good Morning!   2014/July/11 [Fri] 09:16

Today, the team to Rome and Patmos will be sent!

Pastor Akimoto and John are leaving for Haneda Airport by car!


The Bus To Narita   2014/July/11 [Fri] 09:19

Behold, now we are the first to get on. The bus starts at 9:30. It’s the free shuttle bus to Narita by 20 minutes.

柏 H

Getting On Yamate Line   2014/July/11 [Fri] 09:20



Yamate Line isn’t crowded!
I give thanks to God.


Apparently….   2014/July/11 [Fri] 12:54


The person who had the same ticket as mine……was trying to negotiate…….to station attendant,”Why are we not able to enter here〜 ?”  ! amagai

Soon….   2014/July/11 [Fri] 12:55

The one for Haneda Airport is ……coming!


Israeli Backpack   2014/July/11 [Fri] 13:03

Handles of my favorite backpack burst.  This time I use the backpack I used during the team to Israel.  I am led to pray for Israel, too.

H Kashiwa