Toward Australia!


We get a fresh start!

This is Pastor Paul Akimoto.





Jetstar group: we could join together


We could meet Pastor Nakano and Pastor Yoshiko. And then we’ll leave after paryer for doing our ministry according to God’s will.

Singapor air group : arrival at Singapore


We’ve arrived at Singapore at last!

Our flight was crowed with students on their school excursions.

Jetstar group: comfortable


I and John could sit on the seats comfortably.

Jetstar group: we have arrived first!


Jetstar flight members have arrived first at Australia!

John is taking video at the moment.

Singapor air group: Arrival at Brisbane


The main group has stepped into the Australia content!

They could arrive safely. They look fine.

Jetstar group: nice to meet you


This is missionary Nick and Anya. They lead us to Surfers Paradise.

Singapor air group: Pastor Akimoto


We could join the main group! I’ve heard they arrived without problem. Thank you for your prayers.



We feel uncomfortable to see a Christmas tree in this hot season.

Worship the Lord


We’ve received the Word of God for this nation.