All of our members gathered – LH group


Our Lufthansa group gathered ^ ^


Prayer meeting – OS group


Our OS group prayed together. There were twelve members in the Austria Air (OS) group.

Dead Sea Mud Pack – Tour group

How messy!

Encounter at Golden Gate


We met a Korean Group. One of them knew Pastor Paul’s testimony about his son, Benjamin’s healing.

We worship the Lord at Golden Gate

We worshiped the Lord at Golden Gate. The Golden Gate is the most strongest presence of the Lord. It’s not the past remains. It’s the present progressive place. Mt. Olives and the Golden Gate are the best points to pray for saying “Maranata” (Lord, come again).

Worship – Special Ministry Group


The Special Ministry Group worshiped the Lord on Mt. Olives.

Glowing clouds – Special Ministry Group

We could see the upper left glowing clouds at the Golden Gate. Its color gradually got darker.
All of us took the picture while looking up.

Worship – Special Ministry Group

The group worshiped the Lord at Megiddo.

It was windy.

Mount Hermon – Special Ministry Group

The group prayed toward Syria. One hundred and twenty thousand people were died by civil war for the past 3 years in Syria. They prayed for the end of the war.

Shipboard Worship – Tour Group


The tour group worshiped the Lord on shipboard.