Gather together!   2013/4月/03 [水]

From today, we’re going to fly to the “Thanks, Praise and Revival Camp” in LA! We’ll get on the Skyliner at Ueno soon.

In the plane   2013/4月/03 [水]

As of now, it’s 10:24 p.m Japan time. Now it’s availabe to connect the Internet in the airplane. The time changed! The mission staff members keep working also in the airplane.



Safely   2013/4月/03 [水]


We arrived at LA airport safely. Some of the team members went to rent a car.



Azusa Revival   2013/4月/03 [水]


Pastor Paul and his wife prayed at the location that the Azusa Revival took place.

Annualy   2013/4月/03 [水]

We played the annually Junken game. They were so exciting!

Praise by Pastor   2013/4月/03 [水]

Pastor Paul leaded praise and worship. Many people praised the Lord together!

Give Thanks in Everything   2013/4月/03 [水]


Pastor Ohkawa delivered a message about giving thanks in everything. And God shows His grace.

Curious George   2013/4月/03 [水]


This is Eshurun and Curious George at Universal Studio.

Prayer Chapel   2013/4月/03 [水]


On the second day, our team divided into three groups. One of the team groups visited the prayer chapel.

Time of Prayer   2013/4月/03 [水]


We prayed in the prayer chapel.

It’s a quiet place.