October 13, 2019

1.Please continusly pray for healing of Pastor Paul Akimoto.

Pastor Paul Akimoto said, “Thank you for your prayers. I am rehabilitating. I will be discharged in a month or two, so please pray continuously. I pray for blessing on yours.


The 5th “Nagasaki Team” by all TLEA churches (Tokyo Antioch Church and all local churches) will be sent from Friday, October 11 through Monday, 14. These four teams will be sent at the same time.

The person in charge of each team is as follows. 1: Pastor Phibe Ohta (Yokkaichi Zion Church), 2: Pastor Peter Majikina (Tokyo Antioch Church), 3: Pastor Samuel Kasahara (Tokyo Antioch Church), 4: Pastor Masahiro Sato (Tokyo Antioch Church)
The 4th Nagasaki team (The sub leader is Pastor Toshiya Matsumoto, Holy City Kurume Church) has come back safely.

3. Kichijyoji J.Gospel Fes will be held on Oct 14 at Inokashira Park.Entrance free.

Kokoro Gospel concert will be held on Dec 24 at the Koenji2.
Start7:00p.m.-, Open6:30p.m.-.
Adult 1500yen,2000yen/Student1000yen,1400yen/Elementary school student 500yen,700yen.

4.General meeting will be held at our church starting at 11:00 am on Saturday, December 7. If you are unable to attend, please submit a proxy.

5.Israel team will be sent from Monday, October 28, 2019 thorough Saturday, November 9, 2019.

Anyone from any church or not yet a Christian can participate in this dispatch.

The application fee is 10,000 yen for adults and 3,000 yen for junior and senior high school / university students (free for elementary school students and younger).

<Application money transfer destination> Japan Post Bank Paruru Account Symbol 10050 Number 90954361 Water Flowing From The Sanctuary Mission

(When transferring from another financial institution: store name 00-8 (zero zero eight) store number 008 (ordinary) 9095436)

The passport must be valid for at least half a year. If your passport expires before mid-May 2020, please apply for a new passport.

For applications and inquiries, please contact to Israel department of Water Flowing From The Sanctuary Mission.

Email address:

Czech team will be sent from Monday, December 9 though Saturday, December 14. Please note that this is a practice dispatch team and people who are learning in Overseas Mission 2 of TLEA Seminary School can attend.

The airline is LOT Polish Airlines and the ticket price is 116,500 yen (tax included). (It is the ticket price as of September 25.) As for securing seats, we will take seats each time you apply, so there is a possibility that the fee will be higher. If you have a burden, please apply early.

Flight schedule: December 9 (Monday) from Narita 11:00 AM, December 14 (Saturday) Narita 09:20 AM

Application Inquiries: European department of The Water Flowing From The Sanctuary Missions.

6.We have a prayer meeting for “Thanksgiving Warriors” . Come and join us, and please bring the music book “Kazeno Hibiki”. Those who continue to pray for two weeks about “giving thanks” will be eligible to participate in the prayer meeting.

7.After service each Sunday, we provide the following training (classes, opportunities for learning, opportunities for growth, opportunities for the fellowship, opportunities for beginners, the introduction to Christianity, the preparing for baptism and Bible study). Gospel Choir will practice after the service.